Game Report V The Vicars – 23SEP17


Tries: Budi x2, Robert x1

MoM: Budi


Roster: Tarling, Page, Koetje, Bagshaw, Fiddis, Eacret, Stewart, Budiman, Falkner, Antscherl, Harvey, Horn, Stagg, Moore


Water Boy: Nobody

Manager: No-one


This year, the annual road trip to Kelowna had a different flavour, as our younger counter parts from Bayside RFC joined the fun, and together four club sides (Senior men, Senior women, U23 and SOBS) made the trip and many stayed overnight.

After working the phones and blasting emails, the SOBS could only muster up 14 to make the annual trek across the mountains to take on the Vicars in Kelowna. The team was looking quite decent until six players for various reason dropped out either the night before or on the morning of, but names will NOT be released.

As is usual protocol, most of the team stopped at the Hope restaurant for a hearty, greasy, blood clotting breakfast to put fuel in the tank, but slow us down even more than is normal. As is customary, most of us arrived late and no time to warm up before the kickoff, and what has become a tradition at the Vicars home game, we all lined up on the halfway line and the hosts presented us with a shot of port and recited their club prayer.


It was agreed to go uncontested scrums, as we did not have a front row and the game itself was entertaining and everyone put in a massive effort, considering 14 of the Vicars players were under 50 and wearing white shorts. With the rowdy support from the Bayside ladies team watching on, everyone got down to business, but as usual, the Vicars fullback, Blair had blistering pace and scored 5 tries, but not to be out done, Budi stayed with him and scored two very nice tries of his own. As the game continued SOBS were dropping like flies, but everyone remained on the field, and Randy and Matt, both of whom shouldn’t have been playing due previous hamstring and groin injuries got away from the backline, and played in the front row for the second half, so they could just “ jog” around the park. Along with Budi, Robert helped pick up the slack in the back line and scored a fine try down the left wing. Final score Vicars 7 SOBS 3


After the game, the SOBS were hosted admirably by the Vicars, and Budi was chosen man of the match for the SOBS. During the usual post match banter with the opposition, Matt was introduced by Fiddy to one of the Vicars and turns out that this fella went to the same school in England as Matt (albeit 10 years younger) and was also part of a school rugby tour to Canada. It really is becoming a small world !!

The gang then ventured across the park to lend their support and get behind Bayside, who played an outstanding game and put the Kelowna crows to the sword. The Bayside ladies also won, but along with SOBS, the U23 team unfortunately were in tough and got beaten by UBCO. For a long road trip, 2 wins out of 4 is not too shabby.

All 4 teams retreated again to the Vicars clubhouse and kept their bar open late, before venturing off to checkin at the “Glamorous” Recreation Inn, and the room parties started to get into full swing. Most of the SOBS then went for dinner and as is tradition spent the majority of the evening at the Blue Gaytor, with the exception of Randy whom tried to cheat his way in around the side door and was then asked to leave, and somehow got a black eye in the process !!  The SOBS were pleasantly surprised to be joined by many of the “older” Bayside men and women and whom were heard saying that “ this Gaytor place rocks “  and a great time was had by all.


Many bleary eyed and hung over players made it to the IHOP for breakfast, before setting off on the long trek home. A fantastic weekend was had by all and everyone got home and safe and sound.



President Matt

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