Game Report vs NOBS – 02/APR/17

Tries: Matt, Nigel, Ian S.
MoM: Ian

Roster: Blake Davidson, Terry Clinch, Tony Greville, Bill Berrisford, Carl Canuel, Jeff Bagshaw, Andrew Fiddis, Jonathon Boughen, Richie Eacret, Gary Stewart, Davi Deol, Matt Falkner, Tom Graham, Nigel Townsend, Ian Stagg, Rick Koetje, Navi Ratumaimuri

Water Boy: Nobody
Manager: Nobody

Many phone calls were made with an attempt to get a decent size squad down to play the NOBS in Seattle, and finally 15 brave SOBS met early at the park and ride to take on the challenge. As is normal protocol, the team had our usual stop at Dennys in Ferndale for a good hearty breakfast to make us all run slower. One vehicle was missing with over a third of the team, as they had to pay a visit with US customs and immigration at the border, to sort out a few outstanding and previous issues.
After a good fill, we all set off on a beautiful sunny morning down the I5 towards our destination, only to see the clouds roll in and just like last year, pulled into the parking lot in a down pour with no changing rooms in sight. Nigel and Terry, both frequent players over the years with the SOBS joined our ranks, as the NOBS had 31 players.
It rained, the sun shone, there was wind, there were clouds and both teams settled down into a competitive match and although totally outnumbered, the SOBS managed to put together a decent display of attacking and running rugby. Both teams were back and forth and it was the NOBS whom had the earlier chances, only to be denied by some solid SOB defence. Finally some SOB pressure gave the backs some good ball and Jonathon, with excellent support play drew two NOBS backs, then to give Matt a reverse switch, which totally confused their backline and gave a nice hole for him to crash over the line for the games first score. The NOBS came storming back with an open field play, which had their backs move the ball swiftly up the field and their fly half, Aaron went under the posts.
The score was tied at one each at half time and the second half was a repeat of the first, pretty even play, attacking thrusts from both sides, strong tackling all around, in particular from the SOBS Tom Graham. The NOBS took the lead with another end to end play resulting in a nice score and then great ball from the forwards, enabled the backs to send the ball down the line to find Nigel, whom was able to out pace his opposite number in the corner to tie the game 2-2.
And then, Drama !
The SOBS were attacking, building a nice series of moves from midfield. A ruck 10m out from the goal line, the ball spread to the right and the backs froze the NOBS winger with a dummy to the inside and then a popped pass outside to Ian Stagg. He had one step to make, and then fall over the goal line for a score in the corner. However, the NOBS fly half, Aaron had other ideas and came charging over and claims he did not see the RED shorts and levelled Ian, driving him 3-4 metres into touch. Luckily Ian was OK, but took early retirement, and the ref made the only decision all day that everyone agreed with – Penalty Try !!
The NOBS got one back from their big charging prop and tied the match at 3 – 3.

Some heroic gentlemen had bought a couple of coolers full of beverages and both teams reminisced on the sidelines for a while, before heading for the Post Doc function. The NOBS selected Ian Stagg as their man of the match and the SOBS chose the speedy full back Shane, with Richie presenting a special award, a copy of the law book, being presented to Aaron for his illegal actions on the field. The SOBS enjoyed a couple of hours with the NOBS knocking back some very strong ales, before setting off back up the I5.

Another great day for which rugby was the winner.

President Matt