Game Report vs Snowcaps – 25/Feb/17

SOBS 5 Snowcaps 2
Tries: Ian G, Greg, Glen, Rich, Andrew F
MoM: Mark K.

Roster: Blake Davidson, Johnny Boughen, Tony Greville, Ram Sadafi, Jim Mcdonald, Rick Koetje, Glen Sharpe, Jeff Bagshaw, Rich Eacret, Greg Dunning, Gary Stewart, Mark Kempton, Matt Falkner, Ian Gendal, Randy Horn, Jim Armstrong, Ian Stagg, Robert Antscherl, Dean Mcarthy

Manager: Nobody
Water Boy: Nobody

The SOBS welcomed the Snowcaps from North Vancouver, whom very kindly agreed to move our April fixture to a Saturday, so as to be part of the Bayside Club Day. To get everyone in the rugby mood, It was nice to be able to watch the Bayside ladies game, who won 34-0 and also some of the Bayside men’s game, which ended in a draw.

Due to the fixture change, the Snowcaps only showed up with thirteen players, so we gave them four of our own, two of which were from the front row, which enabled to have contested scrums. Many thanks to Tony, Ram, Robert and Ian G for helping them out. The game itself started in pleasant sunny, but cold weather and this enabled the SOBS to get quick ball from the forwards and the backs were able to move the ball wide on several occasions, resulting in two early scores from Ian Gendal and a sniping run from the back of the scrum by Greg. The snowcaps got one back to keep the game close, but then both Glen and Rich crashed over line and the SOBS took a 4-1 lead going into half time.
As the second half kicked off, the dark clouds that had been lurking close by opened up in the form of wet snow, so the fairly large crowd whom had been supporting all the games, suddenly disappeared and the game got a little sloppy for ten minutes or so due the nasty conditions. The snowcaps seemed to adapt to the change a little better and got the first score after half time and for a while it looked like they might have mounted a comeback, as kept the SOBS down in their twenty two for a period of time. However the SOBS would prevail and again some nice slick handling in the backs, sent Andrew Fiddis charging up the touch line and was able to make it to the try line. Final score SOBS 5 Snowcaps 2.

Afterwards everyone retreated to a packed house at the rotary to enjoy the after match festivities and a special big thank you to the Bayside ladies, Shelley, Robyn and Paige for preparing and serving the food for over 120 players and also to Ian and John for running the bar. The man of the match awards took place and the Snowcaps chose Mark Kempton.
The rotary clubhouse remained open late and then after, many members both young and old, attended the Bayside mini fundraiser party, hosted by the Town Hall pub. This was a very successful event and raised $2,400.00 towards the mini rugby programme.
Another great club day and rugby was the winner !

President Matt